In 1991, the enologist Vangelis Sinadinakis from Archanes of Crete, began to cultivate the family vineyard, several varieties of grapes that provided the raw material for experimentation and vinification in various variants.

So in 1997 the white wine «ΕLTYNA» started, in 2000 the red wine «ELTYNA» and later in 2007 the red wine Merlot «ELTYNA»

Archanes Eltina Wines

Archanes Eltina Wines

Σάββατο, 5 Απριλίου 2014

Location - Archanes

Arhanes is a rural town near Heraklion with a history of 5,000 years, built in an area 16 kilometers southeast of Heraklion, in the foothills of mountain Youchtas (or Youktas)
The mountains shape resembles the head of a god laying down. According to tradition, the tomb of Zeus was located here. In antiquity, the mountain was known as Knossia Dikti or Dios Oris, which means "the mountain of Zeus". Various hilly surges, streams, canyons and between them small or large plains or valleys, characterize the terrain around Archanes. The climate in Arhanes is typically Mediterranean with mild winters and mild sweet summers. The summer season at nights, there are increased humidity due to the location of the settlement.
The soil, the microclimate and the hardworking of the inhabitants of Archanes creats products of exceptional quality. The passage of time has not altered the traditional architecture of Arhanes, thanks to the exemplary restoration, won the European Award for Restoration Village.
The area of ​​Archanes was known from Minoan period for producing high quality wine and olive oil. Vathypetro (Greek: Βαθύπετρο) is an archaeological site, four kilometres south of the town of Archanes on Crete (Greece). The south sector of the building, which includes the wine press, was rebuilt as a farmhouse and industrial centre after the 1550 bc and is one of the oldest in the Mediterranean.

Crete hosts one of the largest in area, production and vineyards of Greece. The Cretan vineyard is the most historic throughout Europe, if not worldwide. The archaeological excavations and historical-archival research have shown that from the Minoan times until today the vineyard in Crete is constantly and continuously existent.
The rise of Greek quality wine's and the improving image and acceptance is undoubtedly events recorded in all wine-growing and wine-producing areas of the country.

Source:Eltina site

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