In 1991, the enologist Vangelis Sinadinakis from Archanes of Crete, began to cultivate the family vineyard, several varieties of grapes that provided the raw material for experimentation and vinification in various variants.

So in 1997 the white wine «ΕLTYNA» started, in 2000 the red wine «ELTYNA» and later in 2007 the red wine Merlot «ELTYNA»

Archanes Eltina Wines

Archanes Eltina Wines

Σάββατο, 5 Απριλίου 2014

The major wine producing areas in Crete

CRETE {Archanes - Dafnes - Peza - Sitia}

CRETE accounts for 20% of all wine produced in Greece.
Crete is the largest Greek island and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. It is characterized by its diversity of landscape and marked contrasts. The island is dominated by a major mountain range extending from west to east, the highest peak being Psiloritis (3,000 meters).There are fertile valleys between the mountains, extensive plains and gorges (Samaria). Variety is the key-note of the Cretan landscape. The four major wine producing areas are Archanes, Dafnes, Peza, and Sitia. These areas are protected from the warm southern winds by the mountains which also provide water during the summer from the melting snow. 

Archanes-There are about 500 hectares. in total of Kotsifali which ages nicely in barrels. The altitude is about 700m.
Dafnes-Located in central Crete, this area has approximately 400 hectares. of Liatiko grown on the slopes of mount Psiloritis at an altitude of 300-400m.
Peza-18 villages comprise this appellation with 800 hectares. of Kotsifali, Mandilaria and Villana at an altitude up to 600m.
Sitia-There are about 700 hectares. of Liatiko which is grown up to an altitude of 650m.


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